Well I ahve to say 2010 was a pretty hectic year for Chile, but for me is totally the opposite! I had an amazing year, I bought everything I wanted to, I travelled to the place of my dreams (Miami Beach, Sunny Isles) and I really had a great time this year! That's why I am saying goodbye 2010 with this pretty make up for New Year's Eve!

A Gold Make up! 
This fab Gold make up will make you look like a million dollars and will make you look super sexy with the touch of elegancy and classic.
The best Gold Eyeliner I know is the Hip Chrome Eyeliner by L'Oreal

The Hair and Mascara!
If your hair is blonde, even much better! but if don't you have to try this wavy hair very messy but still classy and sexy, and also we can go to the another level, the classic straight ponytail! 
Now with the Mascara, you have to put on a lot of mascara to make your eyelashes long adn flirty, also you can make a little black line in your eyelids!

Hope you all have a great New Year's Eve ! and an amazing 2011, but remember tomorrow I will post another entry so this is not the end! hahaha, my blog is just starting YAHOOO !!!