Envolver regalos niños
I love Christmas and I love this time of the year! I think is so magical even tho in Chile is not winter, so we don't have a Crhistmas with snow but I definetely found it special!
Every time in this time of the year I am freacking out of what to give to my parents and my grandmother and my hole family!
Galletas de regalo
I know now I want to gift something that I've never gived before! an Scrapbook! but of course a mini one.So I started to think of what you guys could give to the people that you love!
Now I was surfing down the internet and found out amazing ideas how to wrapped your gifts or how to decorate your house or your room, how to make an amazing dinner and everythin, so I will share them with you!
Envolver regalos con iniciales

First a few list about what to give this Christmas!

Cómo envolver regalos

-Suitcase full of things inside like clothes and candies or chocolates or something like that. (It could be also be books in there if your loved one loves to read!)
-Bathing suits (we are in summer) or a winter coat (if you are in winter).
- A Scrapbook, this idea maybe super common in the US but in Chile is super weird ! :)
- A PC game
-Notebook or Digital camera.
-Make up.
- Great books.
-Copybooks or agendas with designs and of course they need to be pretty!

Hope you enjoy it!