So, there is nothing wrong to wear boots in summer! is totally cool! but we have to be careful with what we wear them, like if we are in summer you cannot wear uggy boots with pants and sweaters and scarves, I mean we are in Summer! not in Winter! 

 That's why the Uggy boots we can wear them with amazing super short, shorts and a very light t-shirt or also we can wear them with leggings and a light shirt, but always with light clothes! 

So, the important thing is never wear too much up if you are wearing boots, that's why I love the combination of shorts with light shirts, also can be a sweater light dress, or a simple dress! but always LIGHT!

Hope you loved this little thing as much as I do! 
P.S: Sorry for not posting a lot of entries, is just I haven't had the time to do a pretty entry as I always do!