Well, we all have been there. To give up on the trend and buy the expensive, nice packaged one? or take the chance and buy the cheapest one hoping it might not be as good as the high end one. I am here to give your pores a great solution. 
I have 2 products here as you can see, The Benefit Porefessional and the NYX Pore filler, which one is better? It will always depend on your skin, the largest organ we have, therefore it is different from every single one of us. But what I do can say is that both have their pros and cons. 

The Benefit Porefessional is more creamy than the NYX one and a little goes a long way so you pay a lot of money but don't have to waste half of the package in one go. The NYX pore filler is great, I love the texture it has and it does hide my pores pretty well (again, this varies from person to person) but both are very good. As the NYX is way cheaper than the porefessional I would buy it to try it in your skin and also there are tons of value and travel size packs for the benefit one (I've never purchased a full one and I have a lot left in this tiny one). Final decision? Both are great so you just need to try which one suits your lovely skin better! 

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