So I am studying Fashion Merchandising, and what I've hear a lot from professors at my school is that people don't dress as formal as they would do in Manhattan. I wonder why is that because for sure I love formal dressing and I started to see what people were wearing and they were absolutely right. 
Manhattan is not the black capital of fashion anymore, you can barely see some women dressed in high heels and so chic dressing, we all (myself included) came down to a category of dressing comfortable for the day, which has nothing wrong, but it certainly does something to Manattan that is not what you think when you see pictures from the empire state or the whole New York area. 

I do love my blacks and whites and to be honest the only thing with color I've bought is a pair of pants, and for years I've been telling myself to dress with more colors but I just don't work well with them, I don't know how to style them on myself but for sure I can style a great colorful outfit on another person. Maybe it is the time to accept my style and what I love and not move from that. I love my sport's chic black&white looks. LOVE.