I think when we say Smoky eye we inmediately think about Kim Kardashian, she is the mum of the sexy smoky eye! That's why I am going to do the Step by Step of amazing Smoky eyes of KimK!

First you always need to have all your materials near you and of course a great big mirror!
Starting this amazing look you need an eyeliner and line the upper and lower lash line (Black Eyeliner).

Then you need yo choose a matte black shadow to be the glamorous smoky eye godess also you can use a shimmery medium gray that will look more sofisticated and not that dramatic.

The color should be darkest in the crease and along your lashes, so apply shadow to those areas first! You need to start painting the lash line at the outer corner!!! and always with a small feathery stroke! with that clear you have to blend the shadow over the rest your lid using a BRUSH! To make a great dramatic look you can also add fake eyelashes ( i like them but not those like r 1 meter ! haha)

For the End apply Mascara ! ( Highly Recommend Colossal Volum' Express Mascara from Maybelline)
For all this look you can apply ! 

Expert Wear™ Eye Shadow Quads: This have the complete smoky eye look that you need (only in shadow) you have Gray, Black, White and Dark color purpleish!

Eyeliner: Perfect Blend Eyeliner by CoverGirl.

Some other brands, have special sets for smoky eyes! like bronze, or golds and even sylver smoky eyes It would be very cool if you guys check them out because you never know when is going to be on fashion ! 
I hope you really like this, and of course there will be videos with this tipes of things!!
Remember, one of the best places to find these products are ULTA ! they are like verywhere (at least in Miami) so you really want to go searching !! 

Rafaella Online.

P.S!: I forgot in my other entry to mention that I am going to post some Tutorial Nail Flag for CHILE ! and that would be absolutely in Spanish :) and I will tell why later ! Thanks very much !! :)