For years I used to practice Rithmic Gimnastics ( Idont know how u spell it) but one day I decided to jump out because my coach was very annoying and the past months she wasnt teaching me anything ! the thing is..
Since I jumped out of R.G and PE in my school,  I think I became more fat! and that is a fact actually !

So for now 2 years I want to loose pounds! I have but I have gian them right away...
So now I am trying dieting and excersising! and I will give u hints of become more healthier and skinny !

In my country as well as in the United States tehre is a show called "Dancing with the Stars" and I heard here in Chile and USA, all the contestants are much skinnier and healthier and also with a better life condition !
I investigate a little about this and I realize Dancing is the best easy, fun way to keep fit and loose punds!
You know Leah Michelle ? The Star from the Fox Show "Glee" ? well, in thte tabloids the rumors say, She is so skinny that maybe she is annorexic, well I have to say that is completely FALSE.

She have rehearsals 5 days a weeks and the other 2 she is working on acting or singing! How you cannot be skinny if you rehearse 5 times a week? and I mean REHEARSE! Dancing hard, like 5 hours non stop.
I think this is a great tip for everyone to do, cause its easy, its fun ! and best of all it will give you the body you want very soon.!

The other star that loves dancing and keeps away from sugar and sodas is Audrina Patridge OMG she REALLY has the amazing body ever ! I would love to look like her don't you too girls? If so let's goo Dancing !!! hahaha

I really don't like exercising! but I am going to start doing it again, but I have to say Ive tried a little dancing and has worked a lot! and I will try it now again ! and I can guarantee it will work! cause its simple, fun, easy and the best way of loose pounds, feel sexier, be more tonned up, be skinny , healthier and best of all ENERGETIC ALL DAY LONG!

I really hope this will help to you :)