I've been thinking the hole day, what should I do first, like a Review on a product, How to, Tutorial, Tip! And I think I want to go for something cool, because my father just went with his professional camera and I want to try it with my nails :D! Let's see... Its a pro cam, it will have tons of color, the nails will look fab... why should I dont do it? and the videos will come... but later on. Because I am trying to find a webcam that I can really do cute videos :D !and I am still looking for them !

Actually I am not SUCH  a good blogger because I run out of words to writte ! but I am working on it and that's why I am telling you how is today! Is SOOOO nice like very spring.. the sun is shining and are very few clouds around the blue sky! the birds are singing and the buitterflies are flying up on our beautiful sky !
And that's why my nails are going to have that inspiration ! stay tunned for the How to of my nails :)
I am working on it so just wait :) !

Rafaella .

PS: I think I like more writting in english :D !