Yes it's true u must have fruits and vegetables to have beautiful skin but u can try some other things too!

Like proactiv I've heard is a great product but if u have acne it will work I don't know if u can use it if u only have pimples or blackheads, cause I've heard its pretty strong, the other products I use to keep my skin glowing and clean is Neutrogena, and just got the wave pad too!! 

The neutrogena products I bought them cause I heard they were really good and so far so good!! Also amazing line of products for the skin is Clean&Clear these products were the first ones that I discovered and they are amazing for giving your skin extra smooth sensation!! It supposed work for acne but I don't really now that much since I don't have acne!! 

I just use them to clean my skin! Go to their websites to see the prices the cleanandclear and neutrogena products are not cheap but neither waaaay too expensive!!
The routine I do to clean my skin I will uplaoded later this days! 

It was shorty but I hope you really like it! and of course I want to work for you too! 
Everyone says, the better is in small packages! hahah (no always true) 

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