Wow, wow, double wow! I cannot believe January is already gone .. well 1 more day, but technically it's gone. My favorite month of the year because of my birthday, summer and I don't know what else. It was a little too hectic for me, since my grandma (my second mom) went to the clinic  for like a week or 2 and I had to stop my beach vacation with my friend and come as fast as a racing car (which is not the best if the highway is full of gigantic trucks) Anyways, everything is good now, my lovely 2nd mom is perfectly fine which really shocked all doctors and I find myself in the regular summer boring-ess. For this year I wanted to be more organized but this month really put me to test and I have to say I won an F for that. Buuuuuut, I have so many things for 2014 it's insane, I started my youtube channel in its old swing again and I have something so special and amazing under my sleeve I can't wait to tell. For now I will leave you with this fashion post, which it came pretty long and nothing about fashion, but here starts the subject that matters! 

Leopard and fuchsia are 2 of my favorite thing, plus THAT leopard pattern is insane, I never find one like that but I can still love other leopard prints. I think this combination is so timeless, like when is it going to stop? NEVER and I am glad is that way because what would be my life without leopard in my clothes, aghhh nothing seriously .