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I believe this is gonna be my last post of my vacations in Miami back in September! This Miami trip was unbelievable, we had the best time of our lives and we enjoyed every second of it. Funny story, I have to share it! So we rented a car for the whole trip and one of the last days we decided to go on a little adventure (truly it was LITTLE) so we decided to go up North on the island to see what is there, little did we realize it was already sunset time so by the time we get there it was going to be dark. Surprise surprise, it started pouring rain like NEVER before, it was so rainy that we couldn't see anything, it was pitch black and we didn't know where we were, and no phone service, I swear it was a scary movie! I was the one driving and I do not see 100% so when you mix contact lenses, dark, rain and fear is not the best combination. Then we decided to turn right, OH LORD! there was a bridge and a highway!!!!!! We were so scared that I didn't know what to do and stopped the car (are you F kidding me that is even more dangerous) but before that i was going to make a U turn in a highway!!! and then we realized there was a block separating the lanes!!!! Soo we decided to stop to figure something because we felt like we were going to fall off that bridge/highway. Long story short we decided to keep going and suddenly found a place to do a -U turn... one of the things I will never forget, I was almost crying LOL!