In 2016 Ludovico Einaudi was coming to New York at the NYU Theater or something like that, at the time I really wanted to go but I wasn't sure if I was going to be capable of going by myself and spending like $80. Then when the day approached I was so bummed I didn't buy tickets to go because he is definitely one of my favorite pianists of all times. 
And when I saw he was coming again on 2017 in October I bought the ticket in April or May and was determined to go see him at Beacon Theater. 

Of course the experience didn't disappoint, is not the first time I go to a theater but definitely it was the first time I went to such a beautiful one. We had to wait aprox. 40 min or even an hour, really, it didn't matter because I was doing 2 amazing things that night. Accomplishing my dream of seeing him live and listening to his great music and conquering my fear of going to the theater on my own. Everyone was dressed slightly formal and it reminded me of the years my grandmother used to go to the theater.