So so so, one of my new year resolutions, and I bet this one is 90% of people's resolution is to loose weight. This days since it was my birthday, reunited with friends for the new year and stuff, I haven't been able to really concentrate on this. That's why I am going to share with you some of my diet or actually my eating and being healthy habits are going to be about. 

1- No more sugar! And this will be my first rule, no sugars at all. (Only natural ones like stevia.) So that means, no chocolate, cakes, sweets,candies, etc. 

2- Reduce 50% my carbs, I know if I say 100% no to carbs I will only last like one week, that's why the first week I will reduce my carbs in 50%! How ? No more bread, only once a week rice (if I want to cause I don't like it that much lol.) Only 2 days of cereal and no cookies. 

3- Increase my water intake... I mean it speaks for itself ;)

4- No sodas... AT ALL! NO SODAS they are so bad for your body! 

5- One day a week everything should be organic, Like if I want to have some juice, I will do the juice with fresh fruits! (GREAT FOR CLEANSE)

6- No red meat. Lately I've been avoiding red meat cause I haven't been able to like it again! I'm becoming part of vegetarian lol. 

7- 1 hour and 30 mins of exercise 6 days a week. I normally do 1 hour of cycling every single day that's why I will incorporate a 30 minute yoga or pilates! or even roller skating! It shouldn't be so hard! 

And I think that's it! Tell me what you think and if you are following too!  I will be posting some pics of my foods in my instagram with the hashtag #TSSDiet  and my user is @rafaellaonline so be sure to share ur pics with me ;)