One morning I woke up and saw my e-mail, guess what Ilda de Vico contacted me so I can share with you guys (FIRST!) the photo shoot she did in Ascot, England. She is a hat designer for 7 years and every piece is designed and hand crafted in Ascot, Berkshire (loooove!) using high- grade materials sourced form the UK. 

This is by far my favorite with the last picture!! 

Swarovski crystals and semi precious stones are also used within the collection! Isn't that amazing!? Her style is showcase modern and classic and her pieces have become collector's items throughout the world! 

“Each piece I design is a product of the love of my craft. The main function of any piece I design is that of total wear-ability. Its so pleasing that a piece of mine can be worn season after season giving the customer timeless joy. I hope that my designs of today will be the designs of tomorrow.”

Ilda has collaborated with key British fashion designers and creating signature pieces featured in London Fashion Week, she is also the first choice of many British fashion stylists and magazines editors. She even designed some hats for the Royal Wedding one year ago !!! anything more on Ilda Di Vico go to !