Hey dolls! Yesterday I was invited to a fashion show from Of Moon Birds and Monsters I had such a great time that I can't wait for you to read the whole entry! 

The place was absolutely beautiful, very well decorated and it was kind of a bazaar with a coffee shop and some other fashion stores too! It was a very pretty scenery! It actually reminded me like an old London or France! A very very very pretty place! 

The reception was great, it wasn't like a host talking to all the attendants but it was a very good place to be! Everyone was with smiles on their faces! (Which I love!) so it gave me a pretty good vibe of the whole event! the catwalk was a very nice wooden floor and the seats were a little bit too close to it so that is why I didn't have the chance to take awesome pictures ! 

The clothes were absolutely stunning, and of course there were some thing I didn't like and some that I loved (very normal for every person in the world!) Very well made, and the models looked amazing, though I like models to be like haute couture runway style and the models in this event were a little bit too over the top for me, but so far amazing! I really had a great time and I have to say congratulations to Of Moon Birds and Monsters for an amazing fashion show and thank you so much for inviting me! Go to their website