Yaaaay! I cannot be more excited because my computer is finally home and ready to use! (It has little details, but I can blog so that is totally amazing!) Now I know I have to backup everything so that way I can use my laptop the next time! hahaha. But now talking about fashion, since I am studying fashion design, which I am so excited for! I've been asked to do a couple of skirts already and here are one of my favorite type of skirts! 

Tubes and Pencils will never be out of fashion, they can be your life savers when you are in a rush to put something fabulous and sexy! Pencil not always means boring or office type! Just pair it with great sexy accessories and you will look stunning! 

But I am such a big fan of big flowy skirts, because you can be so comfy while wearing them, plus they are great for a first date, because they are the synonym of easy to wear and that will show that you are an easy to get along-person. Tell me which skirts are your faves! IF you are going to a first date here are some tips!