I really think, lace, sheer, gold and black make a perfect combination. But with polka dots it makes it even better! Classy and stylish, sometimes when we don't know how to wear black to not be seen like a workaholic person instead of a New Yorker model, can be really tough! here are a few of my secrets! 

Fuax fur is always my option to look way more classy and way more London- New York style... I mean, you all know how "posh" they are and if they wear faux fur, you should too! 

Gold accents are the key! If you are wearing all black, a few touches of gold will make the "posh" thing shine in yourself! 

Huge platform, high stiletto, so Louboutin, what more should I say, I think the picture speaks by itself! 

And a great cut in the back will make a difference, very sexy still polished and stylish. Few secrets you needed to know to look so New York and so NOT Office style! Hope you loved it! I did!