B or B? Read more to know what I'm talking about!

I know you are wondering... wtf is she writing about, and I am here to talk about, Blonde or Brunette? I'm a brunette and I've always been, well when I was younger of course I was a little bit more blonde but always kept the brunette color! Since I was old enough to watch Girls of the Playboy mansion I've been obsessed with that really blonde blonde hair! What can I say I am so the american type! I love that look and I've been seeing myself multiple times in.. should I or shouldn't I ? And guess what! I still cannot decide! Anyways my little advice are: 

1- If you love your hair the way it is don't do it. 
2- If you love to take risks, DO IT! 
3- If you are trying to get a job or something that involves your image, try your natural color because it was made just for you, then if you are happy where you are find a consultant or get a wig to know how it feel first! 

Just keep those in mind and who knows... maybe I one day I will tweet or post a pic in my future blonde locks!