It is no secret that most women have issues with their bodies, and I am one too! But if you don't accept the way you are, you will never change. Just be positive, and if you follow The Secret (as me) you will know positivism is the way to go! Anyways, read more for cool tips on loosing weight!!

I heard the diet of french women and you don't have to take too much time to notice that french women are super thin and very super model style! and NO, you don't have to be starving all day eating almost nothing to loose weight! it is actually the opposite, having bread (in moderation), lots of water and eating whatever you want!

But always eating every 3 hours! So easy that you can set up an alarm for each of those 3 hours you need to eat! I am doing it for this week, and let me tell you all! It really WORKS! I've been doing little to no exercise (because of my crazy schedule) but I've been trying to park my car away from my door and using the steps instead of the elevator (when I'm not full with materials!) Little changes are amazing! and I can't tell you if I really shed some pounds, but all of the pants that didn't fit, now they do! And I want to keep that way, wouldn't want that you too? Love your body, love yourself before you want someone to love you or your body!! It is just the way to go and if you don't know the meaning of The Secret go and search the web! Amazing movies and books! Positivism is the way of living!