Yes, I am terrible, I know I keep making promises about uploading videos but I just see myself with no time at all! But this post, NEEDED to be done and that's why I am taking the time of telling you what I've been up to this past 2 weeks! 

I got the chance to buy a few improtant stuff! The laptop bag (great for my trip to Europe) and actually every single trip I have planned for this year (excited !!!!)

OK, I am so EXCITED about this, in fashion school they told us to draw a shoe or a handbag and since I am a shoe addict, I decided why not? I've been improving my drawing so much! and making a shoe was actually so amazing, it felt like I am a real fashion designer now! 

Hmm, well yes, a few pics of me hahaha! love spontaneous "photoshoots" 

 Floral fest post! ahhhhhh this winter/fall has been pretty weird.. it is just like spring time, raining when ever it wants (almost never) not so cold, not so hot.. it's been weird. Remember to follow me on Instagram! @Rafaellaonline