Summer is here, it's a fact (of course not in my country!) But we had a glimpse of summer on Sunday and let me tell ya I miss summer so much and I am so ready to go to the Sunny Europe in only 3 weeks!!! (or even less) That's why I am posting my favorite types of edgy shorts! 

Either they are lace, scallop cut, or even leather shorts all of them have that something that makes us the girls go Ohhh WOW! and well, the boys too ;)! One of my more edgy and fearless options is the amazing leather shorts! (even leather pants) They make you instantly look more mysterious and very sultry, that touch of sexy you want to Wow everyone, every single time! 

On the other side, satin, cute pastel lace and scallop cut will bring the sweetness and romantic side of you! From that sexy kitten at night to the sweet little girl ready for a pic-nic in the day! I find that these kind of shorts are so beautiful because they can make you feel like a 6 year old little girl again ready to run across the country side.