If you have instagram and follow any other blogs you will know the "Arm Candy" term is going strong now! What it means? .. not so difficult.

So basically and very simple Arm Candy means what are you wearing as bangles, rings, bracelets or anything in your arms and fingers ! Oh and also your hand! It means the more the better, or maybe the weirdest the better, the designer the better and many other things! 

To have a very pretty arm candy swag you can add some bracelet, bangles rings and a watch (big watch!) And you are ready to go! Also the spike bangles are an impact in the term so try to add them too but if you don't own any spike bangle look-a-like you can also try cuffs! Yep, very IN too! Stay tune for more because I will be hosting a give away very soon! And also many contests!!