I am so excited about this entry! I was walking down the street yesterday thinking about a TV Show that I am obsessed about and started to think about first dates.. Sometimes people say Oh you should wear heels or you should wear flats, a skirt or jean, a blouse or a sweater or maybe a dress... but I will tell you what you REALLY! need and should wear in 3 Cases! 

1st Case:
The guy who asked you out didn't tell you where he is going to take you...

If this happens the result is super easy! If you want to wear heels, don't wear stilettos, try Wedges to make it more comfy! Also you can try 4inch wedges instead of 6inch ones, because, again.. YOU DON'T KNOW where he is going to take you.

Of course you can wear flats if you want, but not flip flops! Imagine he takes you to a forest? you will suffer honey ;)!

Now.. don't wear a skirt nor a dress but if it is very hot outside try some shorts! maybe you can wear Denim ones to make them super casual, but to add that glam to the first day try the shorts like the picture below!

To add a little spicy to the date you can wear a sheer blouse so that way is comfy, light weight and sexy! We are looking for functional, commodity and sexiness!!!!

2nd Case:
You are going to the beach...

I assume the boy of your dreams is going to take you to the beach on a warm day, not in the middle of the winter, but let's see...

A dress is just the perfect option, light weight very beach-y style and you can pair it with amazing wedges (you need to walk with shoes on your way to the car or even the walk to the beach!) but you can also wear beautiful gladiator sandals, even you wear, you will have to take them off to feel the water!

If it is a little bit cold (we all know that beach breeze...) you can try a great sweater (also light weight) and contrast the color of your dress with the sweater!
Of course you can wear a skirt and shorts and who knows maybe a hat!

3rd Case: 
To a Cinema...

Oh tricky tricky tricky , a lot of people think. "Oh how easy and casual! A cinema! I am so knowing what I am going to wear!" BUT I am giving you my style secrets to make this really EASY and not what you say and think is easy when it isn't!

Don't wear heels when it comes to a cinema, specially if you are tall (If you are short, you are allowed to wear them!) Why I am saying tall can't, the cinemas (At least in my country) are soooooo tiny, that wearing heels will make you so uncomfy and you will worry all the time about not having enough space between your legs and the chair in front of you.. So try to wear cute ballerina flats!!

Nice pair of jeans are also a huge PLUS! but if you want to dress the flats a little, try a beautiful big skirt .. what I mean like a plate skirt with a beautiful top. The top can be very fitted to your body as well as light weight .. but as I said before, we are looking for functional, commodity and sexiness!! 

The accessory part, cute necklaces, cute rings, nothing too much, remember sometimes less is more!