I still can't believe what happened yesterday, they declared that because of the tremendous accident it was impossible to find survivors... I am devastated with this news because there died people that I watched in the TV every single morning all my life!!! so you really feel attached to them, plus they were making a great work for this country! that's why I am only posting stylish pictures that I love and it work for amazing inspiration, since I don't feel in the mood to post a fashion entry, this have been a very black black weekend and I hope you guys understand where I coming from.. so enjoy the pictures, and I know the life must go on, but I promise tomorrow I will post something related to style and fashion! I want to say thanks to Kate Albrecht , MayteDoll, Andy Torres and Mark Wright to help me RT to pray for them in Twitter it was a nice way of helping and I love how you take a little of your time to dedicate a tweet or RT for the people dead in Juan Fernandez here in Chile! thanks A LOOOOOOT!

Let's pray for them to a beautiful life without us, and to be enjoying paradise.
Love for them