Body con = Tight dresses! I am loving this huge trend that has been on the spotlight for a while now .. This kind of dresses can be cute but also can be super sexy! You will have to be aware of how your body shape works with the dress, Why? Because this are so tight dresses that if you have some of What I love to call Junk in the Trunk you maybe will have tiny problems.. (Oh well.. not tiny ..) 

Why these problems will not be tiny? because you will not be able to put that dress on your body! I consider myself normal, with big thighs but I love to put these kind of dresses since they give your booty that .. Extra you know? hahaha.
Going back with the body shape.. also if you are not very toned you will not look as sexy as in the pictures, is OK to be toned and just that because with the flawless look hat you are going to use you will put those eyes on the entire look instead of the ¡Oh look! She is not that toned and that dress doesn't fit that well!

What I mean with this.. If you are toned you can wear it, if you are super toned you OF COURSE can wear it, if you are not toned I don't recommend it that much and if you have problems with those little fatty angles of your body also will not work with the tight dress!