Hey Dolls! How are you all? I am perfectly fine, the spring just touched down our country and it already feels like summer! I am very excited about that FINALLY the pool, the beach, the sun and the time to rest and dress so beachy style is just couple months away! (But with this spring... it feels like it's already ehre lol)

I want to share with you some of my secrets to keep myself comfy, in a great temperature when it is soooo hot outside and the perfect way to a beach out and about!

The shorts are the perfect getaway for the hotness of the days and when they are cut out and white.. honey, they will make you look absolutely stylish and feel a perfect temperature!

The big shirts, the loose fit and the whites,  and of course bold colors but the perfect energetic ones, like fuchsia, purple, blue, light blue and those kind of crazy colors make the greatest wardrobe for this summer!!!