The days are getting warmer and warmer and I am feeling so summer ish with the hours going by that I can't wait to wear shorts! It is a little bit cold to wear shorts yet but I am def crossing my fingers that this spring will be much warmer than the last one! 

Still being a little cold breeze in my apartment and the rest of the street I am preparing my summer closet to go out and show me some amazing colors! What I am definitely trying this season will be the color blocking shorts!!! I am planning to buy ones in every single color! so if you have online web stores please tell me!! haha!!

I love to coordinate the shorts with great bags or pair of heels! the clutches (in colors) go absolutely amazing with the short stuff! but not the teeny tiny ones! I prefer more the average or over sized! Take in consideration you don't have that many pockets in your shorts to carry everything so clutches not always are great options! 

Weather they are booty shorts or daisy dukes, I will def wear them this summer and I hope you guys too! we don't have to be ashamed of our legs in summer! we don't have to hide them in the middle of the Hot wave! let's take out those jeans of our closets and put some shorty stuff!!