Remember I told you about the Runway show I went? OK I am going to explain what is Santiago D Moda!

I was invited for Paulo Mendez fashion show at 8pm! There was incredible traffic and I didn't have enough time to get ready so we arrived at 8.30pm and they said at the door, the fashion show was done!! (Can't believe it) I mean which Fashion show finishes in only 30 minutes form the hour of the invitation PLUS cocktail !? I've never seen that before! 

But the guy at the door said to us that the next fashion show was the students of Luciano Brancoli and himself too! While we were waiting 30 minutes until the show was going to start... we were waiting on the parking lot!!!!!! Glamour? NO NO... Please tell me if I'm wrong but WHERE do you have to wait for a fashion show in a parking lot full of people that are in jeans and sneakers?!?!?! Who goes to a fashion show with JEANS and SNEAKERS!? 

We wen't into the tent and the cocktail !? well  a glass of wine or champagne you choose... (Incredible idea for cocktail for someone who doesn't drink right? .... OK we were choosing our seats and it was a tiny space (I can understand since in this country everything is tiny!) and when the models came OMG...

The students where first. The collection wasn't awful but it wasn't AMAZING! it was just beautiful! but the models, the accessories and the make up, oh my ... in which catwalk of this WORLD! Models are waking with 3 inch heels?! I mean .. New York Fashion Week someone?.. The make up wasn't pretty and I didn't liked all the lights on! I love those environments where the catwalk is the only place with lights on!!

Conclusion? It wasn't in my standards of a Fashion Week, it wasn't amazing, I found it like a little fiasco! but I know we can do better! I would never let people see my fashion show like that one, I just would not do it! the make up was very far from pretty and the shoes were definitely not my style (I mean for a person that wears 5 or 6 inch heels with 5 foot 9 height... those shoes were absolutely too short for my style heart!)

 Some thing of the collection were unbelievable beautiful but the sew wasn't that great neither.. Being on the positive, I would love to go another time (another time and place) to know which levels we have in this Fashion Industry here in Chile, but if it doesn't go up to my standards I have to say Hasta la vista Chile !

Here are the pics!