Did you like the header I just upload to the blog? I love it so much! please I want to know what you all think :)!!
Now..we all know the Kardashians sisters and lately we have been seeing Kourtney wearing this hippie kind of bags from Simone Camille and let me tell you all... these bags are super cute and boho! They can give the perfect final touch for the outfit and they seem very comfy to carry! I love how Kourtney pulled off the outfit wearing All white head-to-toe with this colorful hippie bag!!

Is an embellished bag and so cuuuuuuute I can't stop saying! We of course have low budget options! well at least for Chilean because you can buy them at every Beach Fair! But I really have to say Simone Camille bags are way more fab that those who sell at the beach at 6 dollars or maybe less!

Kim Kourtney Kardashian Handbags Fashion Simone Camille

But you can still make the bag look super fab and great! DIY time yeeeah baby DIY! well .. a little DIY hahaha, you can buy the low budget bag from anywhere and add some embellished things to it.. like those Indian coins that the girls put on their hips when dancing!

Anyway... Enjoy honeys!