It is time to get back to normal, although it is really tough. Today is a new day and I really wanted to cheer up a little bit... What I am super obsessed right now is with PINK! I've never been such a pinky girl but lately I am loving it! My favorite shade of pink is fuchsia it brings me so much energy and positive energy!!

What I would love to have (No I don't own one YET!) is a pink handbag !!! I have a clutch but I just want a pink handbag it brings the energy to any outfit! I love to coordinate it with white, the perfect shades for a light day or super funky to a great night out! 

What is becoming a must in my wardrobe are a very pink heels like the first picture, very simple but super cute to a a great casual look, like jeans and a white shirt... Now going to the accesssories... I can't decide if I like more silver or gold with pink, because they just look soooooo fab!!! 

Sorry for the short entry! I gotta go!