Halloween is one of my favorite festivities but at the same time the worst ones.. I believe I have a course on Halloween cause every time I plan something it ruins at the last minute, with the exceptions of some years as I told you before. In these Spooky Series for Halloween I will be sharing with you Costume ideas, cause sometimes is really hard to choose what to dress up like!

Great Gatsby
With the premiere of Great Gatsby and a lot of fans of that I am pretty sure it will be one of the most used costumes this year and it is easy if you want to recreate that too!

Get a scarf and wrap it around your head, also you can recreate a faux bob with just pinning your hair in. Is really simple to do this. First you want to curl your hair (Since it will be less noticeable that your hair is not really short) and then with the long curls, and wrap them around your fingers creating another kind of curl and pin it very tight to your head. Then add the scarf to make it more Great Gatsby like. Also you will want to wear lot of pearls, big earrings and dropped-waist dresses, pumps with kitten heels and midi dresses. The cream, white, light pink and black are perfect for this! Here you have some options!

Greek Warrior/Goddess

This is my all times favorite one, even though I've never wore a Greek costume I think is one of the most cool and sexier ones you could ever wear, I mean, who doesn't want to be a Greek goddess? 

It is so simple to recreate this! Grab some gladiator sandals, white dress or brown one, grab a fabric and do a red cape like in the picture above and add some gold cuffs. Or even easier, buy the costume here.