We all want to look like a Greek goddess... At least me, one of my dreams is to go back to the Greek era and being Aphrodite ! Now it is way more easy with these amazing gold or silver handcuffs! (Jewelry) 

I love adding statement pieces to my outfits, and to be more like Aphrodite and the Greek feeling, these kind of jewelry is the bomb. Instant feeling of being form the old times but so futuristic at the same time, you will not look boring, these will attract everyone's look.

They are fun and casual, nothing too seriously, but with black and gold... Oh la la I can tell you, you are perfect for a New York night .. and I mean .. THOSE nights! And to be more like a goddess, try a white dress (long preferably) and add two beautiful gold handcuffs .. Oh my you will look ... AMAZING! But if you feel too costume-ish instead of the gold, add silver!