Hey people! I can't believe February is going so fast and now vacations are almost over so that means we are going to autumn but in my lovely countries... spring! But this entry is more about the edgy kind of rock style so .. Enjoy!

I love how sequins are having such an impact, and you CAN be edgy with sequins though some people they think are more for little girls, like the sweet or the super sexy side... but you can actually work with them in you rock/edgy style! But what more edgy than leather!?

I love the leather pants mixed with other textures, those are such an impact! So if you want to be rock and edgy be sure to have some leather in your closet! Also the accessories on the blouses and shirts as this one below... Oh my , isn't this just awesome? I just feel so Alexander McQueen seeing that picture! and actually it reminds me of war and I don't know why.. London.

And never forget, the impact shoes, yes, Jeffrey Campbell has a great collection of rocky shoes! But if you want to own a cheaper option be sure to check out zappos.com or maybe Forever21 or local boutiques!