I wanted to share a little of organization tips! Here is part of my wardrobe and I don't have an official vanity in my bedroom but this is kind of a "nail" vanity for me or at least a fashion one. 

As you can see I have a large collection of nail polishes, but the snake skin silver box I have way many more! So a little tip for you guys is to organize your nail polishes in brands or colors (my case, the most I use) Then I have the Lauren Conrad Style Guide, that I'm in love with and I don't want to finish it at all! 

I just left that book with my Sally Hansen Saloon effects near and my all time favorite books behind it! Also my blackberry cases, that now are might be changing for iPhone ones hahaha, I kept them organized just randomly! but near I have my two pens that work for my planner in my door and my amazing hand cream that my mom and my causin gave me for Christmas! 

On top of the silver box I have my chanel watch that I'm in love with, it reminds me of Brazil (Since I bought it there) and just brings me great memories that I hope to build again this year! On top of a little polka-dotted box I have two of my favorite clutches that I bought in Miami last year at TJ Maxx, I love those clutches and since they are very detailed I leave them there so that way they don't get scruffy or anything like that!

 Then I have a wallet that I might use.. but I am not sure yet, and I have 2 little boxes where I keep my jewelry and on top of those2 boxes I have Gift cards that I had from CVS Pharmacy (I didn't bought them) I just founded really pretty and took them. Hope you like the way I organized my things in my closet and can't wait to hear your organization tips too!