I don't know what is happening to me right now, but lately I've been in love with pink ... well fuchsia actually and when I was little I never liked the color! I love accents as you all know, and I love to bring the attention to a special thing, that's why today I am presenting to you my Pink Accents! 

I love to bring the attention to a certain piece, and when you are wearing all black or all white, the hot pink is a great choice if you want to do this! You can do it with jewelry, shoes, clutch or a shirt and EVERYTHING in one color ... 

What I mean, is that if you are going to wear a big piece of hot pink like a skirt, blouse or pants, your whole other pieces need to be in the same color.. or at least the same shade! Because that way you are going to focus all the attention in only the hot pink piece! 

But be careful where you do it, because if you have big legs (I mean thighs!) I recommend not to wear bright hot pink pants, because you are going to focus all the attention to THAT problematic area!