Khloe Kardashian checks in on Dash Calabasas wearing bright red pants.

Oh La Lá , I am so into this Royal thing! and I found out why not posting an entry about my two favorite colors (at the time) with my favorite pattern of all times! hahaha.. Well I always thought you would never match Red with blue! but when I saw Kimora's Reality Show I found out they make a great match !

Royal blue is such a beautiful and powerful color ! I just love it so much! and it makes your eyes, your skin tone pop out !!! It is a great color to add some energy and positive vibes to your outfit and to your whole day! I mean. who wouldn't want to have a great day?! Well... Royal Blue HAS to be your choice if you want to make an impact!

The Red back in the days was considered as the "Royal" color, but now everything changed and the Blue is in the one-on-one side with the red.. so should we name them the royal colors? I have to say, maybe yes! Because they are super fashionable in the Royalty! But I am here to talk about the style not royal things! 

Actually you can combine Red with Leopard! isn't that super fab!? I always thought.. hmm maybe leopard just got away with black or the same shades of leopard! but when I saw Khloé Kardashian with Red Nails, leopard clutch or red pants and leopard shoes&belt I said.. honey you were so wrong! Actually is such a great combination!

Khloe Kardashian and Rob Kardashian drink frozen beverages at Wet Willie's in Miami.

By the way.. Congrats Kim w your new future-to-be Husband!