Yes, we all know that in every single city (Stylish cities of course) there are some websites or photographers that take this pictures, yes! Style Street pictures, they are called, didn't you know? I take a lot of these kind of pictures! 

They are the perfect source of casual, common, super stylish inspiration! because they are real people! I mean they are not being retouched with Photoshop! they don't always own Louis Vuitton Bag, Jimmy Choo shoes and a Gucci dress! Some of my favorites have wore Forever21, Zara, H&M and those are not the high standard profile kind of shops! 

This is so cool, because you never know what to expect with these type of pictures, you never will know if there is going to be a picture with a bohemian girl or a rocker one! That's why I adore this kind! because you will always get a surprise, for example if you see a super rocker girl in the picture, look carefully she might have a special detail that it could be more feminine or more romantic or even candy! 

So now pay attention of what it is in the streets! or even, dress up properly because you will never know when a Photographer will say : Can you pose to a picture for me :D? and believe me girls, I would love to pose for a photographer in the middle of the streets! Enjoy!

London, Paris, Milan, New York, Berlin and Tokyo are one of the most cities that are super known about this Style Street pics! 

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