Hello stylish dolls! Well I don't what happened yesterday to blogger but today is absolutely fine :), I am pretty sure they will be making some more tools! and I watched a sneak peak of what it is going to be! Let me tell you I think now is going to be more easy to post ! But I am not here to talk about the tools of blogger! Let's talk about my be loved FASHION!.. What I am obsessed with right now... Big blouses, like men ones... they are super comfy ! and when you accessorize them appropriately you will look super chic and fabulous! 

For example to a Black&White outfit you can get some bracelet or rings in Gold or Silver! and it will look so beautiful and chic! But always remember.. if your blouse is OVERSIZE.. keep the bottom tight! it will look much more feminine and you will love it waaay more!

But keep in mind that not all the over sized blouses are going to be like for men! The picture up is the perfect example, flower, pink pattern.. just flawless ! Let's show some femininity and let's rock the street!

It doesn't matter, long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless it will look adorable, romantic, sexy and super trend setter !!

Shorts are also a great combo for this type of blouses ! They will give you a simple look but at the same time you can dress it up with some heels and a cute handbag!

And what more feminine than in a pink tone .. so pretty! For example in the picture up, the outfit looks super casual and comfy ! Accessorizing it with the LV bag, the iPhone (yes nowadays technology is an accessory lol) a great pair of heels and some patterned tights! Imagine that!!!

Try some of these looks and post a picture! and let me see how it turned out! I am definitely be looking very well at the stores to see if I can get one ASAP!
Love you all,
RafaellaOnline xo.