Dresses, for so many different occasions! I love them, because you can make them casual just bringing a great sweater or you can dress them up with just some jewelry. I love them in every single color and model. I just can't stop buying them (tho I don't wear them too much hahaha).

I think is a must to have a white one, blue, red and of course BLACK! I love every single fabric specially in these two blue dresses, OH and don't forget .. ROYAL BLUE , of course! hahaha. One shoulder dress are so sexy if you want to go on a date or to a cocktail party ! they are just super fab ! and they will make you look so fly !

These flowy and beautiful, so formal and not formal fabrics .. I mean, dresses, you have to wear them with the perfect pair of heels, YES! you can be casual wearing heels and you can be super dressed up with stilettos too! So we don't have to restrict ourselves when it comes to shoes.

The so much talked-about little black dress, is a MUST in every girl, woman's closet ! this is really a MUST!!! If you don't have a little black dress.. honey your closet is so not worth it! Go and get one ASAP!

With black dresses, my favorite style should be peep toe, nude color! They flatter your figure so much, they make your legs look miles longer !

Hope you love it! and go and get your dress now if you don't have any, because it doesn't matter if it is summer or winter, the dress is still wearable!