Hey dolls! I've been promising this entry for a while now and I am afraid you will still have to wait a little! I promise (for real) that you are going to love it! And that's why I am taking so much to finish it!

But for today I have another thing in mind! And I am talking about this crazy but beautiful designed panties or leggings, also the lace ones are a great option! They are so pretty! And are the perfect excuse to wear a skirt in winter! They are so feminine and they help you to look very stylish!

Though it depends on the print or design, the look you want to give. For example if you are dresses super Boho a perfect pair of panties would be some with hearts or piece sign or something like that! But skulls would be so not OK with what are you trying to express!

The ones that I love more are the anchored, hearted and polka dotted design! That style is super feminine and cool! And as I said before they are the perfect excuse to wear skirts in winter!

Have a great day and week!
Rafaella Online !