Hey people! It's been a long time since I haven't upload any video and I promise this week I will post one! Now coming to the accessories theme of this entry ... Handbags, I know  I have posted a lot of handbags but this is an accessory that can be accessorized... How?

Silk scarves, key chains or many more things! Don't get what I am talking about yet? Well ... is this simple, you handbag can be boring by itself, or you just want a little change... adding a silk scarf in the straps will add that little thing you needed. It will bring the fun here and let the boring thing stay at home! 

You can try with so many things! for example the picture up, a bow... a simple bow that can be made of fabric, or it is a piece of headband... just have fun with it! I promise you will look much more fun and ready to rock the streets! PLUS if you go to work with super simple clothes, this will add the edgy we are all looking for!