I know it is a little bit late, but better later than never right? As you all know the VMA's were on Thursday 6 Spt. (wow, really late actually) But I could not resist not posting my best dressed list and some gossip about this crazy award show! 

Firs of all, I love the VMA's I think it is the perfect red carpet to experiment with rock and roll outfits or super hip hop trends! and it is amazing how everyone loves taking risks! 
Starting with my best dressed.... Rihanna in Adam Selman... She looked STUNNING! I love how the short hairs looks on her and the red bright lips with that old school eyeliner was truly a great hit!

Moving on Rihanna's pal Katy PErry in Ellie Saab dress, a great choice, great hair and amazing make up ! Definitely loved that look on her!! Then it comes to Nicki Minaj, I am not obsessed with what she wore but I love her! She really is like a barbie and love the risks she takes! so I have to say that Versace jumpsuit is a hit for me! 

And now that we are talking about pals and everything... how HOT did Chris Brown looked at the VMA's!?! I LOVE that blue/blonde hair on him and a man can never look bad in black.. this case GREY! Maybe the grey thing is on him lately, but omg... he really does look super hot.

YES YES YES! Finally Ke$ha in an amazing piece by Zaldy... I LOVED that look on her, much better than that trash-all-the-way one! She definitely looks super pretty in that polished but still rock and roll (because of the handbag) look.

Another one that didn't let me down was Rita Ora in Emilio Pucci jumpsuit! Great embellishment work and it was such a pretty piece! Great choice the hair like retro waves !(I am obsessed with those waves!)
And last but not least, Kat Graham, stunning pieces! and I think the leopard bustier top was a great hit! it spices up the outfit!