Now that I am such a pro of packing (yes I am going on a trip again !) I wanted to give you my advice of how to pack smart for a 5-7 day trip! Today are the basics you need to bring with you! 

It is very important to always bring basics to your travels and no matter where are you going black, white and grey will always be in tone! Oh and nude too! Make sure to bring at least 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of shorts and a skirt in neutrals! And a dress if you are going out too! 

The handbags are up to you, I prefer to go with black and whites or nudes since they go with everything and I know I will be using them a lot! Instead if you go with a purple bag that only goes with one outfit that will be wasted room in your suitcase! But if it is a clutch it doesn't matter at all, just make sure to not bring 10! 

Ok, shoes black is always your partner ALWAYS so I highly recommend, black heels, black flats and black  flip flops if you want! And never forget a black or white coat will be perfect if your destination gets rainy every now and then!