Hi people! So I got emailed by this company and they wanted to send me a nail polish for me to try! Here are my thoughts about the new Capricho Nail polishes here in Chile!

First I LOVED the color they sent (That's a great starting point hahaha) and they last for ever! (perfect for a girl on the run) like me, because let me tell you fashion design is definitely a career you are running all around! 
The package is very pretty but is very little girls themed! I liked it though and I am sure you guys will like it too! It is super cheap and very convenient! Imagine only 2.40 Dollars each! (Awesome huh?)

They have a Play collection, Girlie, OMG, Rock Glam and Basic Care so they have many to choose from! They only have in Falabella stores. 

Capricho .. I LOVE IT!