Final! Yes my latest post of how to pack smart ! Comfortableness vs that not-so-great piece I wanted to bring! I know everyone has an experience with these kind of pieces but now you won't have it anymore! 

Always think, ¿Am I going to walk a lot? ¿Am I a going to be hot? ¿Am I going to be cold? ¿Will I want to carry things in my hands? ¿ Am I going to party all night? etc... Answers to these questions: if yes, no so many heels only for party if you are going to! , If you know yourself and you will be this way coats are out hun! If it is winter don't even think of sandals! I hate carrying things so choose your bag wisely the messenger type is perfect! If yes, bring a lot of dresses and heels but comfy ones so you can wear them day to night! 

I answer pretty much everything! I love wedges and 3 inch heels or maybe 4 inch ones, since I am going to an event I know I will be walking non stop those 3 days so my flats will be in my bag, so what? I need a big one not just a satchel, but when this event ends and we will want to go to the mall I am definitely bringing a satchel one more comfy! 

I hope this works for you! Let me now in the comments ! XO honeys!