Well, let's keep on my trip trends! Morocco... such a wonderful place! It was very different from what I am used to and definitely it was an eye opener experience..

Since the Islam is their religion or the most common religion all the women needed to be covered, that's why we always wore maxi dresses while we were there of course with some exceptions, we wore strapless or backless maxi dresses, but women that lived there they needed to be covered from neck to toe!

With 50ÂșC of puuuuure hot warm and sun weather I really take my hat off for those women! I couldn't stand being dressed with that climate! It was so hot! we walked like 4 blocks and I felt dehydrated and needed water, needless to say, you cannot walk by yourself because boys from 10 years up to old 90's looked to you with that desire face! 

Anyways, maxi skirts and dresses are my obsession that's why I used that to my favor and bought like thousands of them that I cannot wait to wear when spring makes it first breeze!!