A huge trend that I saw on the streets of London was the printed jeans, wether are flowers, polka dots or tribal designs, these kind of jeans are taking the streets tremendously! 

If you live in London or Spain, or even have access to Primark you should definitely buy 2 or 3! They were all over the Primark store and OMG they were so beautiful! Flowers, stripes, crosses, the kind of Versace pattern they were all there! To wear these jeans fabulously you should add a plane top and maybe some statement jewelry but not taking it too far since the pattern of the jeans sometimes can be too much with the other clothes! 

As I said before, Primark has amazing ones but if yo do not have access to there (I don't have either) because they don't sell online, you can go to Forever21.com ! They have some cute ones too and a very low price!