I started my YouTube channel last Summer (winter for the majority of you) and I just didn't do more because I didn't find the time and actually didn't liked the content I was giving, so it wasnt a 110% job I am use to give, but now that I am moving out to the United States I will have more opportunities to show you real things just for you, or the majority of the countries! 

I will be RE-launching my YouTube channel this Friday (so don't miss it!) And I am going to start again with something reaaaaally normal, The beauty products I got for Christmas and a little update of what my year have been! I am thinking still how I am going to pull it off, if I just want to upload every Friday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday... Anyways I just need to figure that out! Now I am just going to focus on giving you a dun couple of minutes! See you on the vids!!