I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and you are having an amazing day today! I received so many things that I absolutely loved! But now I feel I have to be back on track! Let's talk about one of my fav trends! 

The bold colors, I mean they are not specifically a "trend" but lately people have been more risky with their outfit decisions and I have to say I am totally pro to that! I love colors specially for summer and they get super fun in winter! Why not trying adding some spice to your outfits? 

If sometimes is too much for you do it little by little!  Just your accessories, just your bag, just your shoes or simple details in your clothes! But ADD color! even if it is winter, summer, its a sunny day or it is pitch dark, just add the colors! Don't FORGET I am RELAUNCHING my Youtube Channel so be checking it up guys! It's going to be good ;) ! THESTYLESTASH