This is my track list from this year! My top 10 songs with a PLUS that remind me of this AWESOME 2012! 

1.- One Thing by One Direction. My travel to Europe 1 month. 

2.- Primadonna by Marina and the Diamonds.  My travel to Europe 1 month. 

3.- Some Boys by Death Cab for Cutie.  My travel to Europe 1 month. 

4.- The Walk (Caggie"s advert) Discovering the amazing London town. 

5.- Dance all night by Jessica Wright. Discovering the amazing London town. 

6.- Carousel by Morning Parade. Thinking about my plans to go to London 

7.- Love Love Love by Avalanche City. Just how wonderful life is <3.

8.- Wild Ones by FloRida ft Sia. My adventures hahaha. 

9.- Smoke without Fire by Duffy. The plane from Paris to Prague. 

10.- Dont Judge me by Chris Brown. amazing times <3. 

PLUS- Just the two of us.